Another True Monster
Project Sonnet

     Continuing in the vein of the true poet-nerd I am, I’ve decided to devote a slice of 2012 to working with more formal poetry. While I’ll undoubtedly be doing this in my Craft of Poetry class this semester, I nevertheless still felt obligated to start experimenting and honing this rather wimpy muscle of mine. I blame the craftsman in me. Since the sonnet is often revered as the pinnacle of poetic forms and is (believe-it-or-not) a form I’ve never worked with, I think it’s a rather appropriate start. Expect some sonnets. Or don’t —just let them pop-up on your dashboard as a surprise!

Project Sonnet begins now.

p.s. -I encourage anyone reading this to take a risk and try it out. My favorite poet, Anne Sexton, started writing poetry after watching a TV special on which I.A. Richards demonstrated the most popular variations of the sonnet. Within three years, she became an icon. You can as well.

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